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Educational Distribution Symposium

Session Code: ES19PCEDS, 01:00 PM Tue 10/22/19

To gain a competitive advantage in today's data-driven world, you need to know how to be a true partner with both customers and suppliers, delivering exceptional service. Join the Distributor/Supplier Community for a discussion of challenges, partnerships, and opportunities facing channel partners. The EDS has three segments: 1) Open More Doors, Close More Sales 2) Interior Integrators 2025: The Future of the Dealer 3) A Road Map to Collaborative Business/School District Success

Transforming Early Childhood Education

Session Code: ES19WA3, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19

What's Different About the Facility? The Dr. Sarah K. Jandrucko Academy for Early Learners promotes literacy and numeracy development at an early age centered around the research that children learn best through active, exploratory experiences. The facility features 16 distinct learning experiences, typically called classrooms, which are categorized into four themed pods: Navigation, Investigation, Exploration and Interaction. Experience the future of early childhood education.

Augmented Design: How VR, AR and AI will Change Education

Session Code: ES19WA5, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19


AR, VR and AI are poised to substantially shift student engagement and innovation, content delivery and administrative processes in education. The design of the built (and un-built) environment must respond to and advance this revolution. Immersion rooms will be added to the program, while attendance offices and computer labs may be omitted. Mannequins in Health Science labs can be exchanged for virtual patients. Dynamic walls along circulation paths will become passive instructors. Adaptive retrofits will be discussed alongside flexible new construction and remote learning. In addition, incorporating these technologies during visioning and design will set a precedent for innovation.

Limitless Learning in the Built Environment

Session Code: ES19WA2, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19

When space is a premium and cost is more, maximizing the utilization of a campus environment inspires limitless learning opportunities. Our team will walk through the educational planning, educational development and design strategies that programmed the outdoor spaces with as much importance as the indoor, providing a school that redefines the learning experience. The TIDE Academy, with its focus on technology, innovation, design and engineering, is a convertible campus where students literally and figuratively curate the campus.

Future Proofing Educational Facilties

Session Code: ES19WA1, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19

Open Building advocates the creation of a resilient building stock capable of change and adaptation over time while facilitating decision making on multiple levels. In the context of education architecture - in particular schools - this means creating facilities that accommodate change as the communities around them evolve. This presentation / workshop is an exploration of decision-making strategies designed to support a longer and more dynamic vision about the creation of educational facilities and highlights some recent school projects from across the Unities States that embody the principals of Open Building particularly well.

Successful Master Planning for Schools in Historic Buildings

Session Code: ES19WA4, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19

Today, many urban schools occupy historic buildings that no longer serve an ever-evolving pedagogy. They are looking to architects to lead them through a Master Planning process that is transformative while still maintaining their unique historic character. Using recent projects in NYC as case studies, this session will lay out a step-by-step Master Planning road map that can be used to address challenges ranging from space constraints to identification of stakeholders and resolution of conflicting goals, creating a plan that is relevant far into the future.

Biophilic Design for Learning

Session Code: ES19WA6, 08:00 AM Wed 10/23/19

Connecting people to experiences of nature in the built environment can lower stress and improve cognitive function-- this is biophilic design. This presentation will include the science, elements and case studies. It will highlight the results of a recently completed study of the impacts of biophilic design on learning outcomes and biometric stress measurements among middle school students.

Creating Innovators for the Future of Learning

Session Code: ES19WPLEN, 09:15 AM Wed 10/23/19

Kick off EDspaces with one of the true visionaries in education. Tony Wagner will share his insight on why innovation is today’s most essential real-world skill. When information is ubiquitous and free, and when basic education is available to billions of people worldwide, only one set of skills can ensure this generation's economic future: the capacity for innovation. The skills and dispositions for innovation are equally important for active and informed citizenship. What must parents, teachers, mentors, and employers do to develop the capacities of many more young people to be the innovators that they want to be — and that we need them to become? What do the best schools and colleges do to teach the skills of innovation? In a talk based on his most recent books, Creating Innovators: The Making of Young People Who Will Change the World, and Most Likely to Succeed, Tony Wagner addresses questions vital to the future.

Changing the Learning Culture One Media Center at a Time

Session Code: ES10WB6, 01:00 PM Wed 10/23/19

A young energetic media specialist, inspired by a video he found from 1993, was the spark for district-wide plans for media center renovations. His persistence led the Facilities Department to work with Instructional Staff to develop standards for future media centers. Guide in hand, 3 media centers were chosen to kick start the renovations. Media Center renovations should be more than changing the look of the environment. But these changes sparked a change in culture at a high school with declining enrollments and average academic performance. Learn about our experiences on changing from library to media center to learning hub.

Supporting Engagement and Joy in Learning Through Space Design

Session Code: ES19WB1, 01:00 PM Wed 10/23/19

A well-crafted partnership between educators and designers can lead to classroom and school designers that elicit greater engagement and joy for students. These two factors are the leading indicators for academic success, and we should be pursuing these through our design. This session will examine design concepts that can support the modern needs of today's student and provide time for conversation about what the most effective partnerships between business and education can look like.

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